Framework documents

  1. Initial Framework
  2. Final Framework

Framework Overview

Principles Domain Course
Automation Arts and Literature ANI 201: Animation I
Automation, Computation, Design, Evaluation   ANI 230: 3D Modeling for Animation & Gaming
Computation, Evaluation Scientific Inquiry CSC 233: Codes and Ciphers
Computation, Evaluation Scientific Inquiry CSC 235: Problem Solving
Evaluation Scientific Inquiry CSC 239: Personal Computing
Design Arts and Literature DC 201: Introduction to Screenwriting
Automation Scientific Inquiry ECT 250: Internet, Commerce, and Society
Design Scientific Inquiry ENV 216: Earth Systems Science
Evaluation Scientific Inquiry ENV 230: Global Climate Change
Evaluation, Recollection Scientific Inquiry ENV 340: Urban Ecology
Coordination, Design Arts and Literature GAM 224: Introduction to Game Design
Design Scientific Inquiry GEO 241: Geographic Information Systems I
Design, Evaluation Arts and Literature HAA 130: Principles of European Art
Design, Recollection Scientific Inquiry HCI 201: Multimedia and the World Wide Web
Communication, Coordination The Honors Program HON 207: Introduction to Cognitive Science
Evaluation Understanding the Past HST 221: Early Russia
Evaluation Understanding the Past HST 250: Origins of the Second World War
Communication, Design, Recollection Scientific Inquiry IT 130: The Internet and the Web
Computation, Design The First Year Program LSP 112: Focal Point Seminar (The Moon)